Our Client Community

At Mindful Wing Chun, we believe in the power of community, as reflected in our core value of “Siu Dai” (junior and senior students training together). Here in Hong Kong and beyond, we’ve cultivated strong relationships with a diverse range of individuals and businesses who share our values of discipline, respect, and excellence.

Here are some of our esteemed clients who have entrusted us with their Mindful Kung Fu journey. We’re also proud to showcase the businesses we collaborate with, fostering a strong network started within Hong Kong and now growing internationally.

By partnering with these clients and businesses, we create a vibrant learning environment that benefits everyone involved.

Corporate & Charitable
Schools, Education & Club Houses
One of our students Bonnie Chan
Bonnie Chan: Presenter
Picture our Student the Entrepreneur, David Mcann
David McCann: Entrepreneur
One of our students, Juliette Louie Actress and Miss Hong Kong 2017
Juliette Louie: Actress
One of our students Shaman Chellaram Senior Director (Real Estate)
Shaman Chellaram: Real Estate
One of our students, Pavleta Petrova CEO at Stylish Sisters
Pavleta Petrova: Stylish Sister