International Community

International community

Mindful Wing Chun receives many international visitors each year who visit Hong Kong to further their knowledge of Wing Chun and to gain hands on experience with the Chu Shong Tin internal method of this incredible art.

Visit us to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu in Hong Kong!

Whether you are a seasoned Wing Chun practitioner, a beginner with a passion to learn more or a martial art or kung fu Sifu in your own right, we welcome all who walk through the door with open arms.

Sharing knowledge is the most important way to gain greater insights and to keep these traditions alive! 

Special short term training options are available for all international visitors/students ranging from one off  drop in classes, week passes and month long options. View our timetable to see how the group classes can fit into your holiday schedule, or alternatively, enquire about private classes for a more tailored training approach.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch today for more information on how to train with the MWC team and students. See you soon!