Please check out our adults Wing Chun Kung Fu classes on our timetable below.

12pm – 8:30PM

9am – 5pm

Full Weekly Class View HERE

Closed public holidays

Wing Chun – 55 min – All aspects of Wing Chun training will be covered in these classes.
Chi Sau – 55min – Focusing on Chi Sau skills and Chi Sau sparring.
Chi Sau Free-Flow – 30 min/2 HRS -Less structured, time to explore!
Senior Class – 55 min – This class is designed for Grade 4s and above. All grades are welcome however.
Open Floor – 30/50 min – Students are encouraged to use these dedicated slots for personal development of their Wing Chun skills.
Private Classes – 50 min – Please enquire about availabilities.
Kids Kung Fu – 50 min – Please visit our Kids website for more information.
Open Training – All members are encouraged to use the facilities for personal training. Please call ahead to check availability.

* All group classes are suitable for first-timers and seasoned practitioners alike, however for trial classes we recommend that you try the “Wing Chun” group class for the best possible introductory experience. 

** Please note that any and all make up classes MUST be pre-booked. In the event that you do not pre-book a make up class, we will not be held liable if there is no place available in the class. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.