Welcome to the mobilisations area. Here you will find videos guiding you through some of the movements that we practise daily in our classes and in our own training time. 

The purpose of these mobilisations is to develop openness and free movement in all of your joints and muscles. We encourage you not to aim for “stretching” or “pushing yourself to the limit” with these suggested exercises. Rather, we recommend you approach each mobilisation in a manner that helps develop relaxed and mindful concentration.

To that end, moving to 70-80% of your full range is promoted so as to ensure that not only the joint being highlighted moves freely and is unhindered, and also that surrounding fascia, muscle, ligaments and body parts are contributing in a healthy and supportive manner. 

It can be tempting to “lock” or “tense up” parts of your body in an effort to enable another localised area to remain free and relaxed. But that would be like fixing one area to the detriment of another. Instead, all the mobilisations are about promoting holistic body awareness so that you find support from your entire body mass, reaching even the most subtle and isolated areas.

Practise Daily

We hope you find the resources below helpful and that you may find time in your busy schedule to practise them daily. Try mixing up the mobilisations from day to day to cover the full range of joint movements that your body can make!

If you have any injuries or existing medical conditions that might affect or be exacerbated by your Mindful Wing Chun practice, we strongly recommend, for your own well-being, that you seek medical advice before practicing any of the movements demonstrated in the videos below.

If you have any questions at all about what you see here, please get in touch whether or not you’re a Mindful Wing Chun student.