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Equip 2 Train

Equip 2 Train is the official partner of STRYK USA and the international store for the RXT-1, which is the world’s first martial arts robot.

The RXT-1 helps you have an interactive workout that improves martial arts skills, power, cardio, reflexes and agility!

The RXT-1 is perfect for all ages and levels. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can have a fun and productive workout.

Mindful Wing Chun members will receive a 10% discount on our RXT-1 plus a HK$500 Mindful Wing Chun cash voucher. Use discount code: MINDFULWC10 at the checkout. Any questions, feel free to contact us at

Fresh Accounting is a dynamic management accounting practice and consultancy with offices in Hong Kong & Singapore. We believe accountants should do more than just report on how your business is doing. We identify opportunities and strategies to improve your business and support you in improving performance and profitability.

Fresh Accounting is proud to say that we are one of Asia’s leading Xero specialists and a Platinum Partner. Xero allows you to automate many of the essential, but time-consuming, accounting tasks and with Xero’s help, we take care of everything for you, so you can get on with what you’re good at. Our mission is to support business growth, we do this with Xero at the helm.

​​​Fresh Accounting also offers 20% off Xero subscriptions fees when you subscribe to Xero through Fresh. Contact us today and see how the Fresh team can help you

In the heart of Central, Mandarin Channel school has been one of the most recognized Mandarin schools for a large variety of Mandarin & Cantonese courses for adults, kids and teenagers.

With a group of passionate and professional teachers, the team caters to students’ learning needs to help them succeed. Meanwhile, the team is specialized in making the most of media, including up-to-date audiovisual materials, to create an immersive learning environment and strengthen learning results. 

For kids & teenagers’ courses, thanks to the dedicated teachers who are covering the whole of Hong Kong, the school has continuously offered not only regular Private and Group classes but also In-home Tutoring and Camps in different areas in Hong Kong. 

Get your HKD 500 coupon and a 45-minute FREE trial by contacting them at or clicking on the logo to get more information from their website!

The best bone-setting company we’ve found!

Go and see Taka Nishikawa for the treatment of pain, injuries or misalignments.

To visit his Facebook page, click the logo to the left.

If you’re looking for a moment of true peace in this noisyity, Float On HK is the perfect place for you. During float therapy, you lie in a warm bath filled with 500 kilos of Epsom salt which allows you to float effortlessly. It is a deeply healing hour for your body, mind and spirit.

Life in Hong Kong can be overwhelming and stressful which can lead to breakdowns in your body. Float therapy is a great way to reset physically and mentally so you can perform to your full potential.

Ask your Mindful Wing Chun teacher about their experience and for a discount code.

We are conscious that we live in an era where food allergies have become widespread. People now more than ever seek information to make conscious choices around their foods and diets.

We regularly get requests such as… “I am looking for gluten-free cookies”, “NO eggs please!”, “My son cannot have any dairy products!”, “Nuts out.”, “Keep the sugar low” “Do you have a grain-free snack?” And it is not unusual to be asked for multiple requests… “Gluten-free, dairy-free and low sugar please!”.

We make it our mission to create healthy foods that accommodates dietary restrictions without compromising on the flavour. We firmly believe that food can be tasty even when labeled “healthy”!

Shima Shimizu and team are kindly offering Mindful members a discount. Please ask at reception for details and the discount code.

A healthy diet and lifestyle is a journey, a path that takes patience and dedication. Redwood Health is an education and awerness oriented health food store governed by the principles of naturopathic medicine.

The kind people of Redwood Nutrition are offering Mindful students 10% off their instore purchases. Visit their website (click the logo to the left) to find out more information on there shop locations and products.

About UP!health

UP!health is an innovative new multi-disciplinary health concept based right in the heart of Hong Kong’s Central district. Offering Chiropractic and other supporting services, we create bespoke programmes of healthcare to meet your individual needs.

Why UP? We believe that is the only way to go! #theonlywayisUP

The UP!health concept has been over a decade in the making. We have created a unique space focused on delivering the highest standard of healthcare under a modern setting. Health is important, and it can be fun too!

Our purpose is to Educate, Check and Adjust as many families as possible towards optimal health through natural chiropractic care.

D. Barry Decker
Tel: 2973 0353