The traditional way of teaching Kung Fu does not have any grading system or curriculum. Y’d be asked to stand for hours and practise a particular stance, posture or movement, and it would sometimes take years before the Master would teach the next step. Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin also followed this method when teaching the Head Teachers of Mindful Wing Chun. This method of teaching can be very effective if the student has the patience, dedication and time to practise the same thing diligently for hours every day.

However, we believe that because of Hong Kong’s busy lifestyle, very few people have the time for this style of teaching, which is why we’ve come up with a revised curriculum and grading system. The curriculum has been designed to systematically teach the philosophy and the self-defence and internal aspects of Master Chu’s Wing Chun System. And the grading system means that you must attain a certain level of understanding and ability in a given level before moving onto the next. It also provides guidelines about what will be taught later and the timeline in which you can advance within the Wing Chun System.

Mindful Wing Chun (MWC) Grading system

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