Flow vs. Ego – Take the Hit

Have you ever showed up to Chi Sau class and found that quickly and without thinking you’ve moved from trying to capture that feeling of being in the state to actually losing the ego and find yourself defending fighting pushing attacking and sweating?

Similar to waking up after a good night sleep, having a meditative morning, a joyful cup of coffee only to walk into the day blowing the horn, screaming down the phone and firing off emails. Despite vowing that morning to live a life of love and gratitude.

Flow vs Ego

What or why is it that this occurs?

Ego. Life is nothing more than an abundance of energies and to believe we are an important crucial part of this is ego. We’re important we’re crucial not essential. Real life and real living is having the ability to accept welcome and live life with this understanding. Chi Sau is a wonderful way to explore and learn this.

We touch hands, we share energies, we roll, we have intent, we steal centers, we attack, we defend. We interact we live. What if we try to observe and participate as if we were watching from outside ourselves. We acknowledge the flow we widen the gap we deal with the obstacles, we take the hits, we use our training to continue with the flow. We live in tandem with the energy and our intent and desires outline we achieve the destined outcomes.

Let’s take a few hits and step out of ourselves to remove the ego, breathe revert to our training and engage our intent rejoin the flow.


Life Can Come at you Like a Fight

Screaming yelling arms legs abuse missles flying, at times we rise to this react to this and fight, expanding unnecessary energy, wasting valuable brain cells, saying things we shouldn’t say and having to live with this, what if we were to practice for life in a daily basis, not by living but by “winging”, “wing chun-ing” that is, come back to our forms our Siu Nim Tao, our Taigung, our internal fight.

Sure they come at you they interfere, acknowledge, accept park it, focus on each movement, finish each movement, finish each moment,  advance knowingly that keeping the state of wing the training will support you, step from the wing ring to the ring of life, apply the same thinking, know where you’re going set you’re intention, acknowledge, accept and park the naysayers, the obstacles, the distractions,  flow through and finish each movement, you’ll get there it’s such a tiny idea finish each movement