The ‘Center’

There is a medium of everything in accordance to gravity; a center, and where the center lays you will also find the balance!

We are, practitioners at Mindful Wing Chun Hong Kong in search of this center in all the movements we do. Through teaching and practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu we find that without real balance, without being centered in our bodies (and minds) we lose the ability perform the art properly.

In many systems that teach self-defense they miss this very vital and key point, that without balance, without stability in structure, anyone can take our peace and disturb our bodies by unbalancing and ‘taking’ center which affects our ability to take and receive force efficiently.

Our teacher Chu Shong Tin always emphasized finding the Centre of mass and moving with balance and today at our school in Hong Kong we try and pass on his teachings every day and help others find balance in their bodies, minds and in turn in their lives.

– Chris Tannous (instructor at Mindful Wing Chun Hong Kong)

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