Nima has been on quite a journey to where he is now! With a profound understanding of the internal practice of Wing Chun, Nima talks with Wing Chun Origins Magazine about the impact of discovering self awareness and self control in terms of oneself and in the wider world.


The lessons attained from delving deep into the mind and body through the internal (and external) practices of Wing Chun have entirely transformed my life and continue to do so. To illustrate this, I’d like to give a brief intro of my history prior to Wing Chun.

My History

I spent the first decade of my life in Shiraz, Iran in the midst of an 8-year war between Iran and Iraq, in which 1.5 million people lost their lives. Apart from the fear of the occasional bombing sirens and the Iranian military police, the majority of the memories of those days are fond ones because my mother’s extended side of the family was very close and loving.

​From the age of 3, I remember bike riding and playing football on the streets with the older neighbourhood kids after school.

Naturally, getting into arguments and fights was not uncommon. I was one of the smallest and youngest kids in the neighbourhood and therefore bullied around when push came to shove.

My family migrated to Sydney Australia when I was 9. It was a rather difficult transition, as there was a huge culture shock and I couldn’t speak a word of English.

Naturally it took a long time for my brother and I to be fully accepted by the other kids. Even at such a young age, we had to let it be known that we were not to be picked on by being involved in many schoolyard fights, which for me was starting to become a natural part of life. 

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