Understanding the Lines of Intention in Wing Chun

Contemplating Important Lines of Intention in Wing Chun, we contemplate several lines. The centre line is crucial.

lines of intention in Wing Chun

The Centre Line

The centre line originates from the spine. It’s the apex of the frontal body. All joints point towards this apex.

Developing Awareness

As your awareness grows, it joins the total awareness of the centre line.

Enhancing the Centre Line Idea

Once the centre line concept is developed, we can enhance it in two ways.

Pivoting with Centre Line

Practicing the pivot with the centre line moving with us.

Pivoting and Leaving the Centre Line

Maintaining the centre line facing forward to a fixed spot, then pivoting the body.

Visualizing Multiple Lines

The next step is to visualize multiple lines. For example, one forward and one backward.

Balancing Multiple Lines

The purpose is to sense an equal idea of both lines. This helps discover if we were leaning into just a forward facing centre line.

The Limit of Lines

The limit is endless as far as your ability to imagine lines. But remember, the more lines we visualize, the more we dilute our capacity of awareness.

The Line of Intention

Once the lines are developed, we contemplate the line of intention. Neurologists define even the thought of moving as movement.

The Concept of Less is More

In Wing Chun, the concept of less is more applies. By visualizing the lines and maintaining the idea of spine and Taigung, we add that capacity of thought back to our centre.

Observing Lines from a Lighter Perspective

When we observe our body and environment from a lighter perspective, the lines appear.

Summary of Lines of Intention in Wing Chun

Visualizing lines is a great tool to develop awareness. But in the end, we find that we can feel the intention, and it’s with this intention that we observe that the lines are already in place.

– Keven Tate, Mindful Wing Chun Hong Kong Grade 5 Senior Student

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