After Sifu Nima King posted an old photo of Sigung and crew from back in the day, Marty Anderson recalled memories of visting the farm, Ip Mans passing celebrations and his ability to impress GM Chu with is stregth 🙂

‘Yes I did visit the farm on a few occasions .

I do not recall that piece of scenery but it was a long time ago. As for me lifting heavy things I was probably more used to doing that type of work than the others as I worked on a farm as a boy. Sifu would sometimes test my strength like ask me to grab the long pole a the very end with one hand with the pole going across the front of your body and then try to lift the tip off the ground to a horizontal position which I was able to do and that seemed to please him.

After Ip Man died there was a large get together at the ocean terminal restaurant of Ip Man students and their students. The next day the top Ip Man students that were now teaching met at his grave site for a celebration and Joe Muie ( Muie Cheug Chi) who was quite strong and I were chosen to carry a whole cooked pig to the grave site. I obviously did not belong at that gathering but my ability to carry heavy things got me to experience a very memorable occasion.’

Ping Tam aka Coconut (left), Sigung Chu Shong Tin (middle), the owner of the farm, unknown (right)

‘The farm was a long way out in the New Territories . As I recall I once was asked by Sifu to go with him and some of the other senior students to the village by the farm to confront some gangsters that were trying to extort money from his business which was a bit of a common practice by Hong Kong gangs back in the day. Well, when they found out what he actually did for living and they looked a bit worried by my presence as well as they never see” gweilos ” in that area, they ceased their efforts.

Nima you could ask some of the other older students to see if they remember. I really enjoy seeing the old pictures as they bring back great memories of things I have not thought of in a long time.’

– Marty Anderson, Sigung Chu’s first western student. 2018

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