We are very grateful to have hosted Leanne from SCMP for an hour and share our practice with her! You can read her full article on SCMP’s Lifestyle section: Channel your inner Ip Man: we review a Wing Chun Class.


Here are some extracts from Leanne’s article:

“… on a deeper level, Wing Chun provides training for the mind as well as the body.

Like yoga, it can become a lifestyle if practised consistently. While one class won’t bring any lasting benefits, give it the justice it deserves – try it out and speak to seasoned practitioners for information and inspiration.”

We couldn’t agree more, as our Sifu Nima King said himself in another interview with SCMP (available here), “My training is not something I just do a few hours a week to stay or look fit, it is a way of life.”

Leanne concludes by saying that,

“If you’re busy and stressed (and let’s face it, in Hong Kong, who isn’t?), Wing Chun is worth a try. However, it requires patience, commitment and dedication; (their head instructor) estimates it might take between one and three months of consistent practice to experience the benefits.”

We think Leanne ended on the correct note. She understands that true relaxation and peace takes practice, and the challenge is even more daunting in the hustle and bustle of a metropolis such as Hong Kong, which is why we do what we do. We cut through all the background noise and help you get in touch with your body’s controls and guide you to a place where you take the reins of yourself and actively live a Mindful life.

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