Learning Wing Chun in Hong Kong

Nima and Seb are talking about their journey in learning Wing Chun in Hong Kong and Sydney.

learning wing chun in Hong Kong journey of Nima and Seb

1. The Origins: Chinatown, Sydney Australia

As senior instructors, we embarked on our Wing Chun journey in the vibrant Chinatown of Sydney, Australia. Surrounded by Chinese restaurants and immersed in the bustling city, our training felt like a slice of Hong Kong right in the heart of Sydney. At Sifu Jim Fung’s school, the reverence for Wing Chun legends—Ip Man, Chu Shong Tin, and Jim Fung—was palpable. Bowing to their portraits upon entering the school, we knew we were stepping into a Wing Chun sanctuary.

2. Falling in Love with the Hong Kong Vibe

Our Wing Chun school exuded the essence of Hong Kong. The camaraderie, dedication, and spirit of martial arts fueled our passion. It became clear that our journey had just begun, and Hong Kong beckoned us to delve deeper into the art.

3. Culture Shock: Arriving in Hong Kong

In 2005, we landed in Hong Kong—a sensory overload. The thick, humid air clung to us, traffic scents lingered, and street vendors tantalized our taste buds with authentic Hong Kong cuisine. Amidst this whirlwind, our focus remained unwavering: Wing Chun. The training hours multiplied—40 to 60 hours a week—matching our Sydney routine.

4. Chu Shong Tin’s Living Room: The Epicenter of Wing Chun

Chu Shong Tin’s school defied convention. Nestled within his family home, it operated from 5 pm to 11 pm. Here, the Hong Kong training style diverged from our Sydney experience. Self-training dominated, Chi Sau sessions intensified, and the ‘internal’ aspects of Wing Chun took center stage. Techniques faded; inner cultivation thrived.

5. To Summarize learning Wing Chun in Hong Kong

Overall the experience was fantastic. With the bright nightlife, the amazing food, and most importantly the non-stop training. Eventually, a few of us came to realize that Wing Chun training isn’t only in the training hall. It really is a way of moving, thinking and being. As Master Chu Shong Tin once said “I am Siu Nim Tao” So it no longer mattered where we were, we could always be training. This is the habit and attitude that we try to pass onto our students – to take mindfulness and relaxation cultivated from their Wing Chun training into their daily lives.

So, Wing Chun in Hong Kong? For sure!!! If you ever get the chance to get yourself to Hong Kong for some Wing Chun training you should go for it cause it could be a life shifting experience as it became for us!

– Nima and Seb (Snr. Instructors of Mindful Wing Chun Hong Kong)

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