Hong Kong is a very busy and fast pace city. You could easily go through the whole day running from place to place, task to task without noticing how the time has just slipped away. Most of the time this happens because we are not MINDFUL of our actions and more importantly of our selves. This is ok if we need to get certain jobs done, we can put ourselves on autopilot and just punch out the task but this doesn’t’ work in Wing Chun, at least not in the method we practice! In this internal style of Kung Fu we must remain consciously aware of our movements and attitudes otherwise the mind and body become tense and locked at the presence of external pressure.

So in Wing Chun we act with a Mindful approach, we move with as much awareness of our bodies as possible so we can stay free, calm and open in the presence of force! Actually this is a major key to self-defense!!! Its not only in the ability to throw a good punch or land a good kick that helps us defend ourselves but rather in our ability to stay in as much control as possible of ourselves so that others can not disturb our physical relaxation and mental state. If we can maintain a cool head during a tense situation we have a good chance of reacting in the best possible manner and maybe even able to talk our way out of the physical confrontation. Think about it, if you’re able to maintain a relaxed state in a self-defense situation then living a Mindful and stress free life won’t be impossible even in a hectic city like Hong Kong.

This is “mindful” action rather than “mindless” living!

– Mindful Wing Chun Hong Kong

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