Meeting a Legend

There was a new poster up at the Hong Kong club in the summer of 2007. Word started to spread quickly that that “the King of Sui Nim Tao’ was inviting us to his Wing Chun training space in Prince Edward. Our chance to meet Sigung ( The Grandmaster)! All the students had heard so much about the man that could produce what seemed like limitless power from a relaxed and resilient structure. But this Wing Chun power had to be felt to be believed. I signed up straight way!

Walking through the heat of the summer night in Hong Kong added to the excitement and experience. We travelled North to a district of Hong Kong called Prince Edward. Chu Shong Tin was minutes away with his in depth knowledge of relaxation and 60 + years of teaching experience in the Wing Chun world.

We entered his small training room after being buzzed up to the 11th floor by a security guard. All the Mindful Wing Chun students loaded into what felt like a small oven as we travelled higher up the building. We respectfully entered Sigungs Wing Chun club where 15 or so local Hong Kong students stood patiently and diligently practicing the first form of Wing Chun. Their movements were so fluid and mindful, such focus and patience! Chu Shong Tin, a direct disciple of Ip-man, was walking through the class. He was a very slight man but he was somehow able to catch and hold your attention.

At this stage most of the Mindful students were quite new to Wing Chun so we were asked to watch the class from the side. It was great because we got to see the very traditional teaching methods in Kung Fu. The idea of the class was that the students would practice the forms of Wing Chun. Sigung would then walk around the room and help the students he thought needed his guidance. Sigung would demonstrate a Wing Chun movement to give a feel to the student and then help them produce the same level of relaxation and power generation.

Later, once our skill had developed we were honored to have been taught directly by Sigung, spending many hours under his guidence and expertise. His lifetime of teaching Wing Chun in Hong Kong has led us all to pass on this beautiful system staying true to the teaching of Ip-man and Master Chu. I thank Master Chu for being a great inspiration to us all and for upholding the true essence of Wing Chun through persistent and diligent pursuit for so many years. 

– Thomas Allison (Instructor at Mindful Wing Chun, Hong Kong)

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