Fear Part 1

Understanding Wing Chun is like following a river upstream. We are seeking its source. The further up the river we go, the more we understand where we were. It should be more of an observation than a judgment. If we try at anything, we desire and we judge. Fear is one aspect of desire and judgment. Its not that these things are wrong, they have there place in society and are needed for technological advancement, goal orientation and productivity.

Perhaps desire and judgment shouldn’t dominate our day, perhaps it should just be a part of it. Delaying judgment consciously is like watching lightning strike and then trying to stop it. I’ve been focusing now on observing the judgment, rather than trying to stop or delay it. Over time, I’m observing that my judgment of everyday things, the little things, is reducing. Little things that use to effect me, no longer do. It is in having no desire to reduce judgment that judgment is being reduced. By observing the thought and the emotion that is associated with it gives us an experience.

By being absorbed in that experience and viewing it like an artist would, we can dissipate judgment and desire and therefore fear. Our fear of failure is merely our fear of how we will judge ourselves and how others will judge us. This is a basic survival instinct, for a need of social acceptance. With all the different tasks we do in our lives, we have different mindsets. There is a mindset that we have for work, shopping, family or art.

To be continued…

– Keven Tate (student at Mindful Wing Chun Hong Kong)

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