With the study of Wing Chun Kung Fu, we find we must begin to be mindful of our bodies and minds before we have a chance of mastering them! If we train, work daily toward our goals, without being mindful or visualizing what we wish to achieve then how can we know if our efforts are fruitful or in vain? There is a feeling that goes with every desire… visualize your goal, see yourself attaining it and ask, does this satisfy what I want? Being more mindful will help you understand this better, to understand yourself better!

The now famous Hong Kong Wing Chun Master Ip Man told our teacher Chu Shong Tin: “For the practice of Siu Nim Tao (Wing Chun’s first empty hand form), Stand upright with ‘Tai-gung’ applied, and explore how you can perform each movement without the use of muscular effort, but rather with the power of the mind!”… USE NO EFFORT!? How is it possible to use no muscular effort while moving?

Our instructors here at Mindful Wing Chun have had glimpses of this effortless power (produced through Mind Force) during their years of training under Master Chu Shong Tin and they are still exploring this idea of Mindful Movement not only in Wing Chun practice but also in daily life through consistent teaching and training. The interesting thing is that effortlessness and real power springs out of Mindfulness so the more we practice being aware of every posture and movement the more chance we have of releasing tension and producing effortless power.

So as you’re sitting here reading this, try and become aware of the posture that you are in. Are you holding yourself in the most efficient way against gravity? Find balance in the way you are sitting or standing and see if you can release unnecessary tension from the body. Can you feel your breath and heart beat? These simple triggers can bring our mindfulness to any and every action. So when you remember to do so, bring presence and awareness to the condition of the body and mind and let go of tension. This continuous practice will no doubt improve not only your Wing Chun but also the quality of your life.

– Mindful Wing Chun Hong Kong

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