My Kung Fu Journey

Some years back now a group of my close friends and colleagues moved to Hong Kong in order to learn a martial art called Wing Chun… Even though I was not part of this group who came to Hong Kong, over ten years ago now, I must say that this is also where my martial art journey began!

I was living and studying in Sydney at the time my friends came to Hong Kong but I would speak to them regularly about what they were studying and doing. They would tell me stories and tales about Kung Fu masters and amazing feats of strength and relaxation and being so far from it, it seemed at times almost unbelievable!!!

Then in 2010 I came to Hong Kong for a wedding… This trip changed my life forever… After just a few short hours in Hong Kong I knew I would be back and a year later, after finishing my degree, I bought my ticket and moved here. I began initially on a different path, one that didn’t involve Wing Chun really but slowly, after being around it constantly I decided to start my training properly.

I started in the beginning by simply studying the Wing Chun forms, especially the first one called the Siu Nim Tao (‘Little Idea’)! From this simple but extremely deep and profound set of Wing Chun movements I came to understand my body and life in a new and exciting way.

I was lucky enough to have some seminars with Master Chu Shong Tin, it was an amazing experience to feel a man give off such immense power. Even the high five that I gave him sent a subtle shock through my body ☺

I learnt that wing Chun was about a way of being and living first, and a self defense system second and because of this the last few years I have spent in Hong Kong learning Wing Chun have changed my life forever and for the better…

– Chris Tannous (Instructor at Mindful Wing Chun Hong Kong)

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