Chi Sau (Sticking Hands)

We talk a lot about relaxation in our classes here at Mindful Wing Chun; relaxing your body and calming your mind and emotions. In fact these are traits of most internal arts of Chinese Kung Fu.

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But how can this apply to day-to-day ‘stuff’? Well, if you can learn to relax under pressure e.g. when someone is attacking you, then it makes it easier to take this calm, peaceful state with you into other parts of life. Like when your boss or partner is upset or angry with you, how do you keep your space clear and calm? How do you not bite back and make yourself feel upset or angry too?

A great exercise we have found which challenges and trains this is through practicing Chi Sau  (‘sticking hands’), which is a famous exercise in Wing Chun meant for developing sensitivity and promote mindfulness of both our own and the opponent’s force and structure.

The cool thing about Chi Sau is that you learn to go with the flow, roll and redirect incoming force rather than resisting and fighting back using more force. At times you may find the ego arising and trying to ‘win’ or out-power your partner which brings forth a good opportunity to practice being mindful of the ego and calming it down resulting in using less physical and emotional energy to control the situation. This understanding of our thought pattern can then be transferred to relationships and confrontations just as easily enabling us to control all situations through finding the path of least resistance.

In our opinion, Chi Sau really trains the idea of “Balanced Body Balanced Mind” Meaning, no matter what comes at you, or what life throws at you, a great practice and philosophy is to find your balance, be mindful and aware and you can do anything.

– Mindful Wing Chun Hong Kong

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