Wing Chun & Meditation

On a recent Chinese Kung Fu movie, I heard the quote “Kung Fu is like Buddhism,  it liberates us from the physical body.”  How true I say. But I then ask myself ” In what way though, is Wing Chun different to Meditation?” 

In so many ways it is similar, but I’d like to explain what I think is a fundamental difference, one that is felt throughout the day in sporadic moments of presence. 

Mediation is a path to an internal stillness, that when left, acts like a pendulum to our awareness.  Providing foundation and grace for our character to leverage off. During our daily lives meditation leaves a residue of internal calm. 

Wing Chun’s essence comes perhaps from the same source,  but the observed feelings in comparison are Yin and Yan. Meditation flowing toward centre, Wing Chun flowing from centre outward. 

 Wing Chun’s essence throughout the day, is more fluid and flow.  Expansive like water flowing from a rock, not knowing it’s direction, but at ease that it will rest in the right place. When you are in the state, you feel joy and a gentle drift to stay there. It is a state of differing qualities of Awareness, Intent and Observation. 

 Awareness could be described as a deep understanding of our body.  A mind/body synchronization, along with an expansive feeling equally in all directions, with an awareness of surroundings. 

Intent is the Observation of the placement of mass or flow. It’s resting place forever dynamic, like watching a feather be moved by the wind. 

 Observation is about absorbing at an intricate level, what all our senses can feel, the state of our Awareness, the placement of our Intent and then to have neutral judgment of these. 

 So to shorten the definition, I’d try to explain it as the ability to place the mind, as mindful as one can,  to be still or dynamic with intent, as present as one can, and yet to be expansive with one’s awareness.  All the while not being judgmental of one’s self. 

– Keven Tate (A student at Mindful Wing Chun Hong Kong)

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