August 2015


There is an argument in Physics about whether our lives are “Pre-determined” or are they subject to “Chaos” and the “Incompleteness” Theorem’s.  What’s interesting about all this, is that what we are experiencing in our everyday Wing Chun is actually a hot debate in quantum physics. The “Pre-determined’s” argue that everything is pre- organized.  In […]


The Mind

When we are unaware in our bodies, when we are not connected to the feelings of our body (through the mind and senses) then it is easy for tension and stress to enter. The reason is that tension has become our default setting! The body must respond with tension (tension through muscular force) because if

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The ‘Center’

There is a medium of everything in accordance to gravity; a center, and where the center lays you will also find the balance! We are, practitioners at Mindful Wing Chun Hong Kong in search of this center in all the movements we do. Through teaching and practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu we find that without

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