September 2015


Hong Kong is a very busy and fast pace city. You could easily go through the whole day running from place to place, task to task without noticing how the time has just slipped away. Most of the time this happens because we are not MINDFUL of our actions and more importantly of our selves.



Most of the time when we meet a force we either push or pull it! This is usually the way we deal with force… through resisting with muscular strength and bracing with a tense structural alignment… Wing Chun’s system of movement works differently! In Wing Chun we try to use the natural rotations and levers


Calm and Confident

The reason I started Wing Chun 16 years ago wasn’t for attaining any of the above benefits mentioned in the title! After all I was just a teenager so, not unlike most teenagers, as far as I was concerned I was a perfect specimen full of calmness, confidence, with no worries and stress. Perhaps you

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With the study of Wing Chun Kung Fu, we find we must begin to be mindful of our bodies and minds before we have a chance of mastering them! If we train, work daily toward our goals, without being mindful or visualizing what we wish to achieve then how can we know if our efforts

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Fear Part 1

Understanding Wing Chun is like following a river upstream. We are seeking its source. The further up the river we go, the more we understand where we were. It should be more of an observation than a judgment. If we try at anything, we desire and we judge. Fear is one aspect of desire and

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